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Sunday, May 10, 2009

My blog is revived again:)
partly cos my exams are over!:D
and oso cos im not tt lazy anymore!:P
but one thing i dun like is there's no place for music T.T
i luv music!
sob sob

Anyway,2day is Mother's Day and 2 more days to My Birthday!!!:D
im gonna get an ice-cream cake!
can't wait;)
And i also wanna say Happy Mother's Day!
That's all!


writtern @6:25 AM

Sunday, January 18, 2009

long time no post le!
jua wanna say:
go to my dream sch,
made gratz fwens,
go new cca...

cant ply com anymore =X
got common test in week 7
wanna do well for it!:)
tt's all

writtern @3:10 AM

Sunday, November 23, 2008

i dun hav much 2 write abt
juz tt ive got my PSLE result -
quite gd lah
ive chosen my sch of choices-
first choice is PLMGSS
last choice Hougang
im currently enjoying e sch holidays
& my freedom:D
tt's all!

writtern @5:11 PM

Sunday, November 16, 2008

2day was a tiring day
i went 2 Central & did window shopping
then later went 2 watch Madagascar 2!:)
its so funny
i luv e show
i recommend it 2 everyone:P

My sis got a new phone
so gd lah
it is Sony Ericsson W595 walkman phone
so ex !
she so lucky!
im so jealous:(

writtern @4:15 AM

Thursday, November 13, 2008

2day was a sad day:(
i hav 2 part with all of my fwenz
i miss them so much
its e last day of school
sob sob
but ur must tag me!!!
must stay in touch

writtern @10:21 PM

Sunday, November 9, 2008

2day was boring :(
i learnt some sec 1 maths stuff
then did art
i hate art
i suck at it:P
anyway my teacher asked us 2 draw 2 trees
stupid rite?

My school actually gave us a windbreaker for Children's Day present
i would hav worn it if not for e school logo!:(
it spoilt everything!!!
but this is my last yr in Xinmin
who on earth will wear tt???

Let's talk abt e gd news^^
i got an autograph bk!!!
& i hav abt 4 of my fwenz 2 write in it liao!
So happy^^
but must jia you!!!
cos only hav 4 more school days!

writtern @11:04 PM

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yesterday evening,
i went 2 Changi Airport & hav my dinner
We ate at Popeyes:)
The food there is nice!:p
After tt, we went 2 Candy Empire & bought chocolates & sweets!:))
i had a great time!
Anyway, school is gonna end & i will miss all my beloved friends:(
but we must keep in touch:)
i'll get an autograph bk asap!
Psle result will be coming out 11 days later!
i'm so nervous!
i hope tt i'll do well!:)
Oh &
recently i've downloaded maple story
not say vry nice 2 play lah
Oh yea
i've finally fin reading New Moon all thx 2 Caryl:))
she lent me e bk!
so happy!:)
Now 1 wanna read Eclispe!
tt's all for now

writtern @9:22 PM